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What Is It?

A career on one poster page.

Every Milposter is unique, summarizing an individual's career in uniformed service. Have colleagues sign it. Hang it on the wall at home or work. Perfect for retirement ceremonies, unit reunions, and gifts. See our gallery of examples: US Air Force · US Navy · US Coast Guard

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How it Works

Design. Print. Frame.

Start designing your poster for free, right now. Easily customize it to reflect the honoree's career in uniformed service. When the poster is perfect, download it as a .PDF file. We'll point you to nearby shops or online services for printing and framing. Simple!



Posters are not private.

Your poster has a long, nonsensical URL that no one can guess. Share the URL and you'll share the poster — a good idea if you want colleagues to work on it with you. Do not post classified material.



Work as long as you like, for free.

After you make 10 changes to the poster, we'll put overprints on its images and degrade the image quality, but you can keep working. To restore your poster's beauty and give you a clean .PDF file, pay $For now, all posters are free.


About Us

Veteran built & owned.

Col. John Sotos, USAF (Ret.) originally built to make a poster for a retiring colleague. It will debut as a commercial web service later in 2021.